How to use video to capture and keep your audience

a picture is worth
a thousand words

video is worth
a million

If you're not using video to capture and keep your audience, you're living in the past, risk being ignored in the present, and becoming extinct in the future.

Dennis Morrison

Why is video essential?

  • Video is the best way to engage people with your services or brand, and is a great way to deliver interesting content to a target audience.
  • It is the most effective way to communicate, educate, entertain, and market your products and services.
  • It can help drive more traffic to your site, can educate users or attract new customers. The possibilities and power of video are endless.
  • Video not only engages and reassures customers, it also leads to higher sales, reduced return rates, lower operating costs and less abandoned shopping carts.
  • Video transmits the most information in the shortest amount of time. It can become one of the most efficient new business tools in your toolbox.

How are you using video to

Investing in online video is no longer optional. Today's viewer is not just passively sitting and watching - they're sharing, talking, clicking.

Stephanie Sarofian, Digitas

How are you connecting to your audience?

  • As the internet gets even more crowded and we continue to be bombarded with messages and noise, you have to find new ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd.
  • You have to create engaging content that people want to share, so you can build and keep your audience.
  • You have to find ways to increase the awareness of and engagement, with you, your brand and your products or services.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.


Cut through the noise and get noticed

  • Video is proving to be highly effective and one of the most powerful tools available to engage views and influence behaviour.
  • The most powerful way to engage an audience and grow your business is by telling stories with a purpose, that inspires people to take action.
  • Video has become the primary tool to build your business and brand, yet understanding the power of video and how to use it effectively is still confusing to many.

Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.


Where do you start?

  • Before you create a video you should be thinking why, what, how and what if...?
  • You need to have a strategy for distributing your videos and engaging your audience.
  • You have to define how you will measure the success of your videos.
  • You have to offer value and call people to action.

Discover how to capture and keep your audience by harnessing the power of video.

The Engage with Video course contains 4 sections

  • It covers everything from the basics all the way to the complex.
  • It helps you define what you will do before and after a video is shot.
  • It's the ideal resource for a complete beginner as well as the seasoned pro.
  • It's your constant reference tool - find what you're looking for quickly and easily.
  • It empowers you to think strategically and take the necessary tactical action.


Explore the various platforms that your video 
can be watched on.

Understand the wide variety of video formats, video sizes, aspect ratios and types of videos.

Know which format to choose as your main 
go-to video format.

Learn how to prepare your video for online distribution.


Distribution is as important as the content itself. Find out the many different ways you can get your videos out to your audience, prospects, and customers.

Video on the web is an integral part of social media marketing. See which social networks and platforms could work best for you, and how to use them for maximum impact to capture and keep your audience.

Live Video is crucial to your business and your personal brand. Discover how you can easily start taking advantage of Live Video and do your first Live stream.

Do you want to start using webinars to show your expertise, educate your audience and sell your products and services? Engage with Video has you covered. Find out the tools you need and how to prepare for your first webinar.

Learn how big businesses and the media industry deliver their videos around the globe, and how you can do exactly the same, by using the same tools. Offer your audience superior online viewing experiences.

Videos can be watched anytime, anywhere on multiple devices. Understand why mobile distribution is fundamental to your business growth.

use video to transform your personal brand and grow your business


How can you measure where your viewers are located?

How long do they watch, and which videos are the most popular?

Is your message getting across?

Are you hitting your target audience?

Does your video achieve your aims and goals?

Video measurement allows you to make evidence based decisions that expand audiences, increases engagement and maximises revenue.

Analytics helps you decide where to promote your videos, and gives you a clear focus on your audience and demographics.

Learn which tools to adopt, the different ways you can use video metrics, and how video can improve SEO performance.

Measure the success of your videos, analyze the new data, and adjust your strategy for optimal performance.


In an increasingly crowded and noisy online world, it is essential that you have strategies to help you and your brand get noticed.

Without a strategic approach to video based content, you are not maximising the potential role video can play for you and your business.

With all the online activity, social networks, emails and videos posted each day:

How do you grab people’s attention?

Why would they share your content?

Why would they listen to your ‘call to action’?

Who is your target audience?

Are you reaching your tribe?

Video content needs a strategic mind shift

The key to getting the most out of online video is to have a clearly defined strategy.

By understanding your audience, you can refine your marketing, promotion and video strategies to build your community.

Learn how to build a clearly defined video strategy that is a core part of your business strategy.

Find and tell the right stories that compel your community to take the actions you desire.

By thinking strategically, using storytelling and setting goals, you can really leverage the power of video as a marketing, sales or promotional tool.

Video works for you 24|7, 365 days a year.

It’s your strategy that makes all the difference.

The coursework helps you build your blueprint

The best way for you to learn and master a new skill, is to apply the knowledge in the course and take action!

The coursework is specifically designed so that you start thinking strategically, make concrete plans by creating your own blueprint, and create videos. Everytime you complete a coursework module, it is automatically emailed to you, so you have access to it anytime in your inbox.

By doing the 12 coursework exercises, you'll create a comprehensive video strategy, perfectly tailored for you, even if you've never created a video before. All that's left, is for you to start creating videos and let your personality shine.

Engage with Video + = Online Video Success



This extensive list of video tools and services has everything you need in one place. It includes over 80 links to tools and educational resources. From video platforms and video creation tools, CDNs and analytics tools, to free and open-source tools, webinar tools and much more, it will keep you one step ahead of the competition.


A curated selection of free and paid video and editing apps, for both the iPhone and Android, with direct links to iTunes or Google Play.


Live Q&A Coaching Sessions so you can learn, grow and get your questions answered.



A curated Video Library full of tips, tricks and how to videos, organised into groups. Speed up the video making process even if you haven't made a video before.

watch > learn > take action


A full list of pre-selected video equipment and accessories, with photos and direct links to Amazon, so you can get the gear you need without having to think about it.

Is the Engage with Video course for you?

Engage with Video is ideal for you, if you understand the importance of video, and realize that video has a fundamental role to play in building and growing your business.

Video helps you build more direct and intimate relationships with your audience in so many different ways.

The Engage with Video course gives you a strong foundation for your video engagement strategies and your approach to capturing and maintaining attention.

Engage with Video includes everything you need for Online Video Success

Engage with Video benefits:

  • Online Marketing, Content Creation and Course Creators
  • Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
  • Freelancers, Coaches and Consultants

Whether you have a Products or Service based business, video has proven itself to be the most powerful way for you to build awareness of your brand and grow your business.

If you have an eCommerce or Brick-and-Mortar store, video is the number one way for you to increase awareness of your products, and plays a fundamental role in increasing sales.





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I most definitely benefited from taking this workshop, I really enjoyed the mixture of video examples and inspirational teaching. Thoroughly motivating! Really happy about the resources we can look at following the class, it is often difficult to absorb everything in one go, and I think it will be a very valuable bank of information that I will come back to time and time again as I continue to work in the future.

Nile Connolly-Martin
Social Media Marketer & Online Content Producer
Image is not available

Thank you for the information. I would just like to say that I was extremely impressed by the way Dennis managed to impart so much useful information, so clearly. Excellent!

Michael Williamson
Image is not available

The course has been excellent. Dennis is a great communicator and conveyed a lot of information over the 4 week period. Anyone wishing to do anything in this space - I would recommend this course!

Practical hands on experience balanced with useful tips. You can tell that Dennis has done this before! It makes the learning more credible.

There is a lot to take in and it ultimately does depend what you do with this but as a first step into the world of content creation and appreciating the doors it can open, this is first class.

Kathryn Sherratt
Financial Director
Image is not available

This was very inspiring course. It is a great starting point for filmmakers. Dennis is a great teacher who shares his great deal of knowledge in filmmaking. He also encourages you to take action and shares valuable secrets of editing which come from his professionalism and experience. I would certainly recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to tell stories with picture. It gives knowledge and tools for further learning and encourages to start making instead of dreaming to do so. I would like to thank Dennis for this workshop and the knowledge he shared with us.

Dovile Kirvelaityte
Image is not available

Dennis is very rich, passionate and mostly generous. He makes you believe him and at the same time he is very realistic and reachable! I would definitely recommend this workshop: to creatives; to people who are in love with content; to people that want to immerse themselves in how we can make our valuable content accessible and powerful to our target audience.

Corine Colors
Stage and Film Director
Image is not available

I benefited from the clear and methodical manner in which the material was presented. The material was presented in an easy to understand linear fashion. all the basics were covered with scope for added work in one's own time.

Daniel Deacon
Image is not available

First and foremost, I spent 3 hours in a room with a truly passionate editor and director, who was extremely generous to share his knowledge and experience with his students. I was given technical tools and guidance, which will now enable me to practice, make mistakes, learn. I’d definitely recommend this workshop, I didn't want for it to end. It was truly inspiring and motivating.
No more procrastination. Yeah!
Thank you for every second of it.

Marlena Chmal
Actress / Photographer

Testimonials taken from students attending live workshops

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There isn’t anything out there that gives the complete 'how to for video content'. This toolkit covers all the bases, from video formats, distribution, analysis and strategy. It’s relevant, useful and needed in this cluttered environment, with so many messages on so many platforms.

Nicole Yershon, Director of Innovative Solutions at Ogilvy

Dennis Morrison, Course Creator

Engage with Video is created for you, so that you use video with confidence, in a way that grows your business.
A teacher, content creator and entrepreneur, Dennis is probably the last generation to be taught traditional filmmaking and editing skills. Splicing bits of film together with a blade and sticky tape seems archaic now, but this was the perfect grounding for his adventure in storytelling.

A film school graduate from University of the Arts, London (UAL), he has over 20 years industry experience in film, TV and the commercial sector. An accomplished filmmaker, editor, creative director and consultant, his work has spanned short films, TV and dance. He’s also created branded entertainment video campaigns for global giants like Discovery Channel, Diesel, Red Bull and L'Oréal.

In 2006 he was awarded a DTI government grant for his innovative approach to online video distribution. This led to the 2008 launch of an alternative online distribution platform for short films and independent filmmakers, with the aim of bridging the gap between making films and making money.

He became a spokesperson for independent filmmakers due to his progressive views on video distribution, and was invited to attend and speak at international film festivals and industry events, including Cannes Film Festival, about distribution, audience building and monetization.

This experience gave him his deep and extensive knowledge in online video, and became the starting point for Engage with Video.

In 2014, he completed a Post Graduate Certificate (Academic Practice in Art, Communication & Design) at UAL, which has enhanced his teaching and training practice, and has had a big impact on entrepreneurial projects.

Dennis has been teaching and training in live workshops for over 15 years, and is also training the next generation of content creators and storytellers. He is the Post-Production specialism tutor at Central Film School and delivers editing workshops at Raindance. He also teaches short courses in video content creation, web and digital media at Ravensbourne University, to graduate students, as well as freelancers and small business owners (see testimonials).

He is finally bringing his experience online, to help individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses, gain more confidence and skills in creating and using video in their business.

Dennis is known by many as the ‘go to guy’ for video, and affectionately known as a “D-pedia” for his incredible knowledge on anything related to technology and production.

He is passionate about online video and is keen to share his extensive knowledge, so you can gain massive confidence in using video, and can connect with people who want what you offer.

Now bring your vision to life

Engage with Video

$ 497
  • Video
  • Distribute
  • Analyze
  • Strategy
  • Resources
  • 12 Exercise Modules
  • Curated Video Tutorials
  • Hand-Picked Video Gear
  • Video Mobile Apps Library
  • Live Q&A Coaching Sessions
Full Package


How much time do I need?

It’s a self-guided online course, so you can take this at your own pace. It’s impossible for us to estimate how long it will take you to complete the course because we can’t determine how clear you are on your goals and dreams, how much research you’ve already done or need to do, how quickly you make decisions or how fast you’re able (or willing) to take action.

What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

If you've done the work and honestly feel you didn't get value from the experience, submit your coursework within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll promptly issue a refund.

To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework within the 30 day period, no refund will be issued.

How long can I access the lessons?

For as long as you’d like! Once you enroll, you can immediately access your lessons from any desktop or mobile device, for the lifetime of the course.

Is there a chance to get feedback or support?

Yes! At least twice a year we hold live private group coaching calls to answer your top questions, share new ideas and do what we can to help you keep growing.

Share with your friends and community so they can start using video to capture and keep their audience.

Audience Magnet - © Copyright 2017 - Dennis Morrison

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Curated Video Library

Getting Started
How to Plan a Video
Ways to Make Your Live Videos Better
Make your First Video
10 Ways to Look Better on a Webcam
How to Make YouTube Videos for Beginners
How to Setup a YouTube Channel
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On Camera Confidence
5 Tips for Getting Comfortable on Camera
How to Get Comfortable on Camera
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Voice Exercises
Vocal Warm Up Exercises
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Quick Voice Warm Up
Articulator Exercises
Breathing Exercises for Confident Speaking
Speak as clearly as an Actor
5 Minute Vocal Warm Up

Using Your Phone
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YouTube Tips
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Video Tips
How to stay Consistent with your Videos
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How To Build Your Own Home Studio

Facebook Cover Video
How to Add a Facebook Cover Video using Filmora
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1. Video Platforms
1.1 – Video Platforms
1.2 – Why Use Video?

2. Video Formats
2.1 – Format Categories
2.2 – What do you Lose with “Lossy”?
2.3 – Which Format? – H.264
2.4 – Video File Formats Worth Knowing About
2.5 – HTML5 and H.265 – The Future of Online Video

3. Prepare Your Video
3.1 – Encoding and Transcoding
3.2 – Tools of the Trade
3.3 – Too Many Formats, Sizes, Resolutions…..
3.4 – Progressive or Interlaced?
3.5 – The Gamma Dilemma
3.6 – Video Thumbnails
3.7 – How to Get Great Looking YouTube Videos
Video Summary

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4. Distribute Your Video
4.1 – Online Video Distribution
4.2 – 5 Ways to Distribute your Videos Online
4.3 – 5 Ways to Deliver Video
4.4 – Social Video
4.5 – The State of Social Video
4.6 – Distribute Videos on Social Networks
4.7 – Live Video and Live Streaming
4.8 – Live Video and Live Streaming Platforms
4.9 – 25 Ways to use Live Video and Live Streaming
4.10 – Live Video and Live Streaming Summary
4.11 – Webinars
4.12 – Key Features of a Modern Webinar Platform
4.13 – 21 Ways Webinars can help grow your business
4.14 – Webinar Tools and Services
4.15 – Social Sharing
4.16 – 6 Ways to Make Video Available Online
4.17 – Video Advertising
4.18 – The Cloud
4.19 – Deliver Videos Like the Big Boys
4.20 – Digital Rights Management

5. Mobile Video Distribution
5.1 – Video Distribution in a Mobile World
5.2 – A World of Mobility
Distribute Summary


6. Track and Measure your Video
6.1 – Measurement and Analytics
6.2 – 9 Ways to Measure and Track your Video Engagement
6.3 – Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO)
6.4 – Schema Video Markup
6.5 – Why Track your Video Views?
6.6 – 21 Ways to use Video Metrics
Analyze Summary

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7. Video Communication Strategies
7.1 – A Strategic Approach
7.2 – Why Strategy?
7.3 – Integrate Online Video into your Business
7.4 – How does Return on Investment (ROI) relate to Video?
7.5 – Redefining ROI for Online Video
7.6 – 4 Ways to Measure ROI for Online Video
7.7 – Video Helps Conversion
7.8 – 6 Steps to Measure Social Media ROI
7.9 – Viral Video
7.10 – Social Media and Return on Engagement (ROE)
7.11 – 20 Key Video Marketing Stats
7.12 – 7 Ways to Leverage Video
7.13 – Video in Business Communications
7.14 – 18 Ways to use Video in your Business
7.15 – The Power of Storytelling
7.16 – David Ogilvy on Storytelling
7.17 – Strategic Storytelling
7.18 – Marketing and PR
7.19 – Earned, Owned, Paid Views
7.20 – Video Marketing Stats
7.21 – Community
7.22 – Brand Building
7.23 – Goal Setting When Making Online Videos
7.24 – 30 Goal Based Outcomes
Strategy Summary